James Edwards
Work at Pason Offshore Corp

Note: these screenshots show only simulated data.

3D Strip Charts

My first project at Pason was to implement 3D charts as shown here.

The 3D charts enable users to see drilling sensor data located at the point it was taken along the wellbore.

Plots can also be colorized to emphasize high, low, and other values.

Drillers use this data to determine what formations they have encountered and guide the well trajectory.

Seismic Horizons

My next task was to implement visualizations of seismic horizons (boundaries between different strata of rock).

This adds more context to the trajectory of the well, and gives the driller a clearer picture of the formations they are navigating.

To improve the readability of the horizons, we used hardware-accelerated shading, and added the ability to vary the color by depth and create contours.

Splitting Horizons

The ability to carve away portions of the horizons is also essential to see inside the formations.

Users can cut along the well trajectory or a path of their choosing.

Designing a robust and flexible algorithm to split the horizons was hard work.

Creating Sections

I am also working on an algorithm to fill in the regions between horizons in the section cut.