by Andy Edwards

Expand your powers of perception! Get a god's-eye view!
Take armchair caving to the next level!

I started writing this program because I was constantly asking some of my fellow Fisher Ridge cavers where passages were on our printed map, and I was too lazy to read mountains of survey notes. I could have simply used other cave survey programs out there, but I was too determined to have features I couldn't find in other programs: convenient mouse navigation, more visualization features, and the ability to look up and highlight passages not just by survey designation but by name and which of my fellow cavers had surveyed them.

See your cave data in a whole new way

Breakout allows you to color passages by numerous parameters. The gold-amber-violet color scale is much clearer and prettier than the rainbow scales used in many programs.

Look around with ease

Breakout allows you to examine the shape and structure of passages up close, as well as showing the big picture, with easy mouse navigation.

Moving the camera

(hold ctrl to do any of the following more slowly)
Orbit around selectionleftdrag
Move laterallyrightdrag
Walk (move forward/backward, and turn sideways)shiftrightdrag
Zoom towards/away from mouse cursorwheelrotate
Zoom towards/away from selectionshiftwheelrotate

Selecting shots under mouse cursor

Change selectionleftclick
Add to selectionshiftleftclick
Toggle selectionctrlleftclick

Polygonal lasso selection

Begin drawing lassoaltleftclick
Add successive pointsleftclick, click, click, ...
Finish and select shots inside lassorightclick

Find passages by name, survey designation, surveyors, etc.

Type in your search and hit enter, and Breakout will fly right to the passages you're looking for! The passages you select in the 3D will also be selected in the data table, and vice versa. To know the name of a given passage, just point at it, and its data will show up in the status bar.

Breakout is free and open-source!

License: GNU GPLv2
View project on GitHub


Releases are now available on GitHub.

Quick Start

1. Install Java 8 if you haven't already (
2. Download the breakout-<version>.jar file from the GitHub releases page and run it

System requirements

Javaversion 8 or greater
OpenGLversion 3 or greater
Operating SystemOS X is supported; It should work on Windows but I'm not able to test on Windows at the moment.

Contact me

Andy Edwards

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