Andy Edwards

(actually James Andrew Edwards; I go by Andy)

BS Computer Science / BS Architectural Studies
The University of Texas at Austin, 2011

I enjoy working with 3D graphics, simulations, powerful UIs, and concurrency.

Resume: [pdf] [docx] (updated January 03, 2015)

PGP Public Key

21B1 DE7D B36A C07A 34B2  27CC F4CF 91A5 1FB8 17EA

Software Engineer

Charles Schwab, Feb 2013 to Sep 2014

Implemented new multi-leg options trading GUI for Java Applet
Solved difficult Swing issues, including with Scwhab's sorting table framework
Developed option strategy grouping algorithms that overcame performance problems
Discovered flaws in pre-existing gain/loss calculations
Created a tool for debugging communication with the server
Created a tool for debugging Swing (like Swing Explorer, but lightweight)
Implemented automated GUI tests

Technologies: Java, Swing, JSON, XML, TFS

Software Engineer

Pason Systems USA Corp, June 2009 to Feb 2013
Implemented 3D visualizations of drilling and seismic data for Rig Focus and GUI for manipulating them
Designed algorithms for creating sections of seismic horizons

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Technologies: Java, Java3D, Swing, Multithreading, SQL, SVN, Maven


Cave survey visualizer

allows you to search and navigate through large, complicated cave systems

Technologies: Java, JOGL, Swing

Main site


I created this to teach programming at Citizen Schools.
The programmable critters idea came from my Data Structures class; I created a visual programming language for them inspired by Grasshopper.

Unfortunately, it proved a bit too complex for middle school students and we soon switched to teaching with Microsoft Kodu.

Technologies: Java, Swing


Google Chrome-style tabs for Java Swing

Technologies: Java, Swing

GitHub project
Demo (Executable Jar File)


(Resounding Outcry Acoustic Raytracer)

a sound simulation plugin for McNeel Rhinoceros

Technologies: C#, Rhino SDK

Video: Getting Started
Video: Animated Rendering


a system for visualizing higher-dimensional objects

shows rotating cubes, hypercubes, hyper-hypercubes, and beyond, and also shows how they fold and unfold.

Technologies: Java, Swing

Demo: Executable Jar File
Video: Rotating 9-Dimensional Cube